Solar Calculator Extended

February 20th, 2013

Solar Calculator ExtendedSolar Calculator:

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Solar Calculator, is a calculation tool for Performance, Cost and Loan of any photovoltaic system. It is an essential software tool for those involved in photovoltaics, such as Photovoltaic System Companies, Construction Companies, Banks and others …

• user data entry (real estate info)
• performance and cost results
• Loan Calculator
• detailed list of revenue and profitability
• Graphs, Statistics
• Advanced Measurements
• Ajax, PHP, MySQL
• Languages: Greek, English, Dutch (Netherlands)

New features added:

Administration Area(Components -> Solar Calculator Ext. -> Configuration -> Parameters):
Roof Area Unit option: (Square Meters Or Square Feet).
Net System Cost option: (Active or Inactive).
Federal Tax Credit (percent %) Value.
Price(1)/watt (1KW-5KW) Value.
Price(2)/watt (5KW-10KW) Value.

User Area:
Roof Area (Updated: Square Meters OR Square Feet values supported (administration option)).
Net System Cost Calculations (Added):
Federal Tax Credit calculated field (Added).
Estimated CEFIA Rebate calculated field (Added).
Net System Cost calculated field (Added).
Print & PDF Document values updated.

Based on the parameters entered by the user, such as area (county or post code), roof type, orientation, roof surface … the system of calculation can produce results as: Power System (KW), Expected Annual Return (KWh), Expected Revenue / year (euro) Total Cost (euro) Expected Amortization of Investment (years).

Also, user can export results in a document like: html document for printing, PDF document and send email with PDF attachment.

In the case of Loan, calculate additional parameters such as: Loan Amount, Years Loan, Loan Type… based on the data entry of user.

Finally, it shows a table of revenues and profitability of the user with informations such as: Energy Production in KWh/Year, Income/Year, Cost of Maintenance and Security/Year, Loan Instalments/Year, Profits/Year, Cumulative Earnings …etc.

The application has a flexible and simple management scheme that allows the user to define calculation parameters such as sunshine coefficient, geographic areas (counties), monetary units, surface units etc. Here are some of the settings that can be manipulated by the user.

Prices KW: KW integer values management ​​(add, update, delete)
Other KW Prices (0.1 – 0.9 KW)
Parameters such as No. years with or without mortgage property value, PPC inflation rate (%), rate of sunshine for terraces or roofs measured in square meters (s.m.) or square feets (s.f) etc.
Currency: U.S. Dollar ($), Euro (€), Pound sterling (£) or anything else.
Geographical representation by area for average kwh production and maximum kw.(prefilled for Greek prefectur