Some Techie Media Player Bridge – Lite

August 17th, 2013

– HTML5 Multimedia: Automatic Backward Compatibility –

Make the HTML5 audio and video elements you already use compatible with nearly any browser.

– Better Compatibility via HTML5, Flash, and Windows Media –

With automatic support for HTML5, Flash, and Windows Media, the Some Techie Media Player can play embedded media even on Internet Explorer 8 with or without Flash.

You write standard HTML5 media elements and the Some Techie Media Player handles the rest.

– CSS Styleable –

The controls of the Some Techie Media Player are displayed using HTML, so you can easily use CSS to make the player look exactly how you want it to. Change the colors of text, the progress bar, and volume control, all with just a few lines of CSS. Plus, using the vector graphics provided on our download page, you can easily change the controls to perfectly match your website’s theme.

– Retina Display Support (New!) –

Now with high-resolution control images, the Some Techie Media Player will look great on any device. On an iPad, iPhone, Retina MacBook Pro, Android, Chromebook Pixel, or other high-resolution device, the controls are now sharp and crisp, making your website look even better.

– Flexible Captions and Subtitles (New!) –

Create your captions in one of many standard formats and the Some Techie Media Player will display them. With support for custom positioning, custom CSS styling, delayed cue parts, inline formatting, and multiple simultaneous captions, the Some Techie Media Player is ready to handle your captioning needs.

– Streaming Media, Redundancy, and Automatic Failover –

Use Icecast, Shoutcast, or another streaming server to serve your ogg, mp3, wav, or other media stream. Give the Some Techie Media Player multiple sources, and if the player detects an error with one source, it will take advantage of your redundant servers and automatically failover to a working source.