Sot Category List For Virtuemart

August 27th, 2012

Sot Category List For VirtuemartThis Module support for Virtuemart component.

Module Category List support you show categories’s products. You can use it for your home page or another page to display products. Each category was displayed like a box that you can control first product how display. The module allow you turn on or off the parts of first product (Created date, Author, Read more, image..). You can control number of products were showed in categories. This module will give you the experience to control how categories were sorted and display, You can config number of categories display on one row by the way config each category’s width (Box width) and module’s width. –

Features and Params:

Conmon options:

Category: Please select categories these you want.
Featured Articles: Config to show Feature articles or not.
Order: Order for select products.
Select product ids: Give products’s id that you want to show in category.
Show product have no image: Allow you show products have no images or not.

Title and Link options:

Max lenght of title: Config character number for products’s title.
Open link: Config target when click to link (open current or new window).
Link for image: Add link for image or not.
Link for title: Add link for title or not.
Link for categories: Add link for categories or not.
Custom URL: Support you change link for products, That mean you can replace product’s url by another that you want.

Image options:

Thumbnail Width: Set image’s width for resize
Thumbnail Height: Set image’s height for resize
Resize Image Type: Select type to resize image (Resize or Crop).

Display Options:

Sort Categories: Allow you order display of categories.
Show Description: Show description for first products or not.
Max Length of Description: The max charater number for description.
Keep HTML of Description: Allow you keep html tags in desciption or not.
Read more text: You can change text on button readmore.
Show Readmore link: Support you turn on, turn off readmore link.
Show Price: Show product’s price date or not.
Show stock quanlity: Show product’s stock quanlity or not.
Show addtocart button: Show Add to cart button or not.

Themes and layouts options:

Select theme: Support 3 themes for you select.
Module width: Allow you change module’s width (auto, pixel(px), percentage(%)).
Box width: Allow you change Box’s width (auto, pixel(px), percentage(%)) – width for each category.
Width for first content (Theme 3): You can set width for first product in theme 3.
Width for list items (Theme 3): You can set width for not first product in theme 3.