SP Extended Search

November 25th, 2013

SP Extended SearchShow your customized extended search form in any page!

“SobiPro has a Search Box and an Extended Search. To empower this feature, we publish a module to show this same search form in any page position”

The module shows the Search Box and the Extended Search Form in any page position.

So, you can show the Extended Search Form in any page, and submit to the component.

*** Search Mode ***

It has two modes of operation:

– SobiPro Native Search, it submits the query to SobiPro.
– Joomla Search, It submits the query to Joomla general search.

*** About Empty Search Mode ***

The Empty Search allows to return results even when there’s no keywords, filtering only with the remaining fields.

– SobiPro Search Mode with Category Filter
– SobiPro Search Mode Unrestricted
– Joomla Search Mode

*** Features ***

The module loads the Extended Search Form and allows to display it in any page position.

– Extended Search Form in any page position, with Multi-Level Category Filter
– Support for SobiPro or Joomla Search Mode
– Support for cookie form saving and autocomplete.
– Support for Empty Search (no keywords), filtered by Category or Unrestricted.
– Support for third-party radius search and maps.

*** Configuration ***

These are the parameters of the module:

– Search Mode: SobiPro Native Search / Joomla Search
– Section
– Category List Mode: N-Levels
– Categories Order
– Category List Filter
– Box Width
– Box Text
– Search Button: No / Yes
– Search Button Image: No/Yes
– Button Text
– OpenSearch autodiscovery: No/Yes
– OpenSearch title
– Menu (Itemid)
– Allow Empty Search Box
– Module Class Suffix
– Caching
– Cache Time

*** Changelog ***

Updates in 5.0.6 – Stable – 18th November 2013

* Feature: XTDir Extended Search module, new no-search-phrase layout
* Feature: XTDir Extended Search module, group-field classes
* Updated: Compatibility review for Joomla 3.2 (Lib 2.1.2)
* Updated: Libraries jQuery v1.10.2 / jQuery Migrate v1.2.1
* Updated: Libraries Lo-Dash Underscore v2.2.1
* Updated: Libraries RequireJS v2.1.9
* Fix: JUri compatibility for Advanced Module Manager
* Optimized: Javascript Loader (stage 1)
* Usability improvements
* Improved Help / New tutorials
* Notices removed (statics)

*** Updates in 5.0.4 – 8th October 2013

– Usability review & improvements, new menu/toolbar
– Feature: Multiple Categories Search support
– Feature: Date Field Support
– Fix: SPBrowers SPCookie loader
– Support for Joomla 3.2 Alpha2
– Support for Framework on Framework RAD revC1A6D5A-1378494129 – 2013-09-06

— Updates in 5.0.3 – Stable – 3rd September 2013

— Feature: ‘debug’ for javascripts
— Feature: optimized javascript loading
— Fix: Case migrated directory with new Category field
— Fix: Class ‘SPBrowser’ not found
— Fix: No search fields, plugin loads results