SP-GeoMap Module for SobiPro

November 14th, 2013

SP-GeoMap Module for SobiProThe SobiPro GeoMap Module allows you to show entries in a Joomla! module position from a specific SobiPro section on a Google Map. The map and entries will be loaded on the page after the site has loaded to help improve performance.

A customizable Info Window is also available using a XSLT template within the module. All data for vCards are available also in the module to be used in the template. The info window can be shown on click or mouse over. Entries with same coordinates are grouped to one Info Window.

The entries can be clustered and the map can be set to auto-centring to all shown markers.
An own custom marker for all entries or variable custom markers dependent on data in a (select list or radio) field of an entry can be used.

One unique feature of the SP-GeoMap Module is the ability to show Search Results in the map when the module is shown on the SobiPro search page. This allows you to have a great feature for users to search a specific state or region with the search box, and have the results mapped out for them without the rest of the Section entries showing on the map.
Additionally the module can be set to show only entries of the currently visited category (Dynamic Mode) or of a fixed category.

The module works with SSL and responsive sites. The API key can be added for Google paying customers.

This application is available within a SobiPro club membership among with many other club extensions for SobiPro.

Note: Installs using the SobiPro installer.