Spam Protect Factory

October 25th, 2013

Spam Protect FactoryHaving a valuable site with high traffic is what everyone wants, but not all the attention is good attention, a major part of your new ‘users’ will be spammers. They come in all shapes and sizes, either as bots or human users with nothing else better to do than spam you with boots and poker tips. Unfortunately, Spam is here to stay and has been a major part of the internet since the beginning, so we need to find and implement solutions into Joomla as well.

Since the native implementation provides a basic reCaptcha form only, we have developed a simple and lightweight extension aimed at blocking spammers before they get a chance to post any content.

Our extension Spam Protect Factory reads the login form before it is submitted to Joomla and takes appropriate action based on its configuration.

It can reject a registration altogether, allowing the user to register but blocking his account immediately (doesn’t matter if you let users activate their account via email, it will still stop them) or it can Allow the user to register normally. No matter which action you configure it to take, it can still log the registration attempt it if sees anything suspicious about it.

How does it “decide” that something is spam?

Very simple, it checks with one of the biggest internet Spammer database currently available: StopForumSpam. You set a frequency of 5 for example, and if let’s say the email of that user is found 5 or more times on their database, the registration is flagged as spam!

But wait, there’s more!

You can also set keywords, IPs, and domains as flags. Each of these having their own blacklist which can be disabled or enabled anytime.

What makes Spam Protect Factory a great tool is the fact that it logs any spam registration. You can go back and check with your logs for valuable feedback on which of your keywords are triggering most often, which IPs try to spam the most… and so on.