Sparkeo – Promoting and Monetizing Video through Drupal and Kaltura

April 15th, 2010

Sparkeo is a new video course creation platform that launched its private beta at Le Web 09 (one of the world’s largest Web conferences, that takes place each year in Paris) and generated buzz when it was recently featured on Techcrunch and other blogs.

Sparkeo is a video platform for knowledge entrepreneurs that enables them to create a business by creating, promoting and selling video courses leveraging their expertise. Sparkeo provides a complete toolset for the monetization and creation of interactive courses.

Sparkeo is not a destination Web site but a platform where users can create their courses and take them anywhere over the Web as a stand-alone video player. This will allow the content creators to be where their paying audience and students might be, such as blogs, Web sites or any social network. One of the most important features of this solution is the inclusion of a portable payment solution which enables the user to purchase directly from the player itself, anywhere it’s embedded.

One of the interesting things about the product that we created for Sparkeo is that through its evolution as a project we identified it as a perfect example of the benefits of building a platform under Drupal because it covers almost all of the sales pitches that we (at Linnovate) use with our potential customers.