SPGM for Joomla!

December 9th, 2013

SPGM for Joomla!SPGM (Simple Picture Gallery Manager) is a very old picture gallery written long before Joomla. It is no longer being developed, so we have taken it over and integrated it into Joomla with our own administrative back-end.

SPGM is light-weight, fast, and stable. By today’s standards it is “old-fashioned” – it doesn’t use lightboxes or animation effects, although it does have a Javascript slide-show. It’s fast and can be configured in many different styles. It may be old but it still has a place on some sites.

Front-end features include:

* Fully responsive
* Supports jpg, png, and gif images
* Gallery/picture captioning including multi-language captioning
* Infinite sub-galleries
* Several sort options for both pictures and galleries
* Random or fixed thumbnails for gallery lists
* Optional new pictures highlighting
* Can optionally show Exif data
* Slideshow mode
* Optional automatic drop-shadows around thumbnails and pictures
* Many options for controlling layout and behaviour

The back-end features multi-file uploads, resize on upload, automatic thumbnail generation, creation and renaming of galleries, caption editing, front-end configuration, etc.

The PDF user guide explains everything in detail.