Spider FC

January 26th, 2013

Spider FCSpider Flash Calendar is one of the best event calendars available in JED. Spider Flash Calendar is a highly configurable Flash extension which allows you to have multiple organized events in a calendar. The Spider Flash Calendar has many advantages like putting in an event media files: videos and pictures files. It will be great if Spider Flash Calendar extension will show all events, display them in the component as a beautiful and customizable calendar on your website. Spider Flash Calendar is an extraordinary user friendly calendar.

Features of Spider FLASH Calendar

-The main feature of the Spider Flash Calendar is ability to add unlimited number of events with their media files,( video and pictures files) content description and date.
-Spider Flash Calendar can have events list and you can define events list header font size, height, color and background color.
– In the Spider Flash Calendar you can change event content description and event content date font size and color.
-Possibility to change the priority of the events (low, medium, high) marking them with different colors.
-Possibility to choose one of the 10 standard themes for the Spider Flash calendar.
– Possibility to add any HTML content to the events of Spider Flash Calendar
-Possibility to show or hide date events count in the Spider Flash Calendar.
-You can make Spider Flash Calendar to start from Monday or Sunday.
-You can modify Spider Flash Calendar at start view mode (day, month, year) and at start calendar size (large or small).
-Possibility to change Spider Flash Calendar width and height.
-Possibility to change background stroke color and width in the Spider Flash Calendar.
-Possibility to define header height and padding in the Spider Flash Calendar.
– You can change header background, stroke and content color in the Spider Flash Calendar.
-Possibility to define header font size in the Spider Flash Calendar.
-Spider Flash Calendar also has possibility to change day’s names color, background color, font size and height.
-You can also change media scale type (inside, outside and stretch) in the Spider Flash Calendar.
-Possibility to define media show duration and change media background color in the Spider Flash Calendar.

-Possibility to change footer height, color and footer hover color in the Spider Flash Calendar.