Sponsorship Reward

November 15th, 2012

Sponsorship reward increase automatically your members by affiliating program. Bring your friends and give them a gift. You will get a special access or a gift to you in the same time.
What do you need more!

Example of use: send automatically a coupon code or access to specific content to a user that bring you 10 user register on your website. The new members can also be rewarded.
This extension is specially useful to gain the loyalty of your members, increase the size of your community and your reputation.

Get the most advanced extension that dramatically increase your website member community. Our components are given with 3 languages integrated: English, French, Spanish.

– Ideal for Ecommerce use: send coupon code
– Ideal for community based website
– Reward: Email with custom content
– Reward: Assign user automatically to specific group
– Sponsor and sponsored can both be rewarded
– Total control over users in the backend
– Each sponsor can customize his Email
– Joomla 2.5.x compatible
– User get rewarded by using your website
– 4 display screen to control the component
– 1 single view on frontend
– One button Email recovery