Sporting a new stable release

September 15th, 2009

Thanks to a full year of great feedback from our users, we’re kicking off our second year of Google Chrome with a brand new stable release. This stable release incorporates many of the improvements and features that we tested out in our most recent beta release, including a 150% increase in Javascript performance since our very first beta, a freshly redesigned New Tab page, an improved Omnibox, Themes capability, as well as HTML5 features. You can get the full, play-by-play details on the Official Google Blog.

If you haven’t tried Google Chrome recently, we invite you to give it a whirl. Many of the improvements in this release were inspired by the responses from users, so we’re all ears if you have any feedback. If you’re already using Google Chrome, you’ll be automatically updated to this new version soon, but if you’re itching to try this right away, download the latest version at