Sports Predictions

November 28th, 2013

New game in Joomla 2.5 version: 1×2. Now you can have 2 different games on 2 different pages in one website – standart game and 1×2 (lotto game).

The Sports Predictions component ( ) gives you the opportunity to organize sport results predictions competitions for a team vs. team sports as soccer predictions, football, basketball predictions, hockey predictions etc. You may use it for a person vs. person sports (e.g. tennis, billiard, chess, etc.) as well.

This joomla component is great idea to organize soccer or other sports predictions games.

The sport events are organized into tournaments. You may use the tournaments field to distinguish between the different sports. Component is multilanguage, all titles come from language files. You can rename title to Soccer expert, Basketball Expert or Hockey Expert if you wish. In demo site this is renamed to “Soccer expert”.

When a sport event’s final result is published in the backend, all the users who has placed their predictions for this sport event’s outcome are given points depending on their predictions success.

Currently you may assign points for the following prediction outcomes:
1) Exact prediction: the predicted result is an exact match (default 3 points);
2) Winner & points difference: guessed winner and points difference (default 2 points);
3) Guessed draw, points – not: guessed draw but not the points (default 2 points);
4) Guessed winner: guessed only the winner (default 1 points);
5) Wrong prediction: wrong prediction (default 0 points).
6) Or 1, X, or 2 for “1×2” game.

The points awarded can have negative value, e.g. for a wrong prediction.