Spoton Imaging Big Screen

November 19th, 2011

Spoton Imaging Big ScreenSpoton Imaging Big Screen is a browser-based full screen background slideshow.

— ‘Big Screen’ tool is a browser-based full screen background slideshow (based on Supersized) for displaying unlimited slide images, including options to display a company logo with URL link, a text area, and up to five artist names with their URL links.

— themes or skin styles (choose between stack or grid style) provide page presentation for thumbs and their text details, including page navigation for thumbs defined in one of the image file systems.

— ‘Thumb manager’ tool helps to deal with missing thumbs by providing options to generate new thumbs from their main images and display generic ‘missing thumb’ images when there are no thumbs available. This means that you no longer need to manually create thumbs yourself; simply define your main images and let Thumb manager generate the thumbs (on the fly or permanently) automatically for you.

— additional functionality include 12 dashboard slots for defining images; two types of image file systems (a ‘drop-and-view’ file for displaying images quickly, and a configuration ‘ini’ file for displaying images with accompanying text and HTML attributes for CSS styling); a memory boost setting to help increase memory for generating thumbs from large main images (e.g. 5MB or above); and capability to run jQuery in no-conflict mode.

— module dashboard has been redesigned to enhance the user experience; it includes colour-coded sections for each functionality, an extensive on-line documentation, and makes use of tabs to organise the functional areas.

— free for personal or business use (GPL License).