sPro Virtuemail

September 24th, 2011

sPro VirtuemailHave you ever wanted to target Specific Virtue-Mart clients but never knew how to do that without effort?

Now you can with sPro VirtueMail.

sPro VirtueMail offers you the ability to target your shoppers with email notifications based on previouse products they have purchased as well as their shopping status.
– Joomla 1.5 Component.
– Email clients that fit the criteria. Select the product and status and you have the power to mail them all.

- Compose your email in an editor that gives you the ability to add images and links back to your product pages and website.
– Easy macros to get info and to personalize the emails, the user will then be greeted by his name, surname, address and other info.

– Preview and test your mails before they go out

- Save or edit and resend previous mails with a click of a button

- sPro VirtueMail is a mailing list with built in functions for members to unsubscribe if they don’t want to receive any more mails from you.

– Add headers and footers to your mail to keep your professional identity.

- This is an all in one marketing tool to keep your clients posted and it lets you market new products or addons to your existing client base.

Get sPro VirtueMail today and be on top of your online shop marketing campaign.