Stability improvements, Gmail IMAP, the return of SOCKS and some HTML5 File API work

April 5th, 2011

Here is our second snapshot of the day and we are still focussing quite heavily on improving stability. Though we also have a few other interesting improvements for you. 😉

This build introduces better support for using the Opera Mail client with your Gmail IMAP account. More specifically:

  • Opera now recognizes the special IMAP folders ‘Sent items’, Spam’, ‘Trash’, and treats them as equivalents of the native Sent, Spam and Trash views in Opera Mail. This also works for other IMAP servers that support the XLIST or SPECIAL-USE extensions for the IMAP specification, including the Fastmail IMAP service.
  • Opera now recognizes the special way in which Gmail duplicates messages that appear in the ‘All Mail’ IMAP folder and the various folders created by Gmail’s own ‘labels’ (including Inbox). To make the best use of this, it is recommended that you subscribe to the all the Gmail IMAP folders (this is a change from earlier advice to suggested users to unsubscribe from the [Gmail]\* folders).
  • Opera Mail will then make sure that messages don’t show up twice in its Unread and Received views. As for other views like Mailing lists, Contacts, Labels and Attachments, duplication can still occur there. You can improve on this for now by unchecking ‘Show hidden’ for such views (use the View button in the mail view, then Show > Show hidden).

This new support is the first step, solving the remaining ‘duplicates’ issues, some edge cases, and optimizations are planned for the second step. But we are confident that the current level of support is already a big improvement for those who want to read their Gmail messages in Opera Mail.

Another big change is the return of SOCKS. However, please be aware that our SOCKS implementation is still work in progress and as such is not feature complete.

On the Core side of things we have also added partial support for the HTML5 File API, specifically:

  • FileReader
  • Files in HTMLInputElement
  • FileReaderSync in WebWorkers
  • Blob interface
  • File interface
  • FileException in WebWorkers
  • FileError
  • Blob.slice()

Keep an eye on this, we’ll add further support in the future. 😉

Ok, with the highlights out of the way you can get on with testing. :cheers: Let us know if you see any new issues, that you have not yet reported.

SOCKS support Known Issues

  • It must be configured via opera:config
  • The SOCKS server must be entered as an IP address
  • It uses local DNS information

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.