Stop Registration Bots

September 10th, 2013

Is your Joomla site constantly being bombarded with registration bots?

i.e. there is a bot registering on your site with the same name, but different username and email each time?

Sick of getting fake registration notices to your inbox?

This plugin will allow you simply type in the name the bot is using and then block it forever.

You can also prevent certain usernames and email addresses being used on your site, so if you find you’re being bombarded with registrations from ‘’ email addresses, use this plugin to stop them.

Simply install the plugin as you would any Joomla Plugin.

When installed go to the plugin in the Plugin Manager and open the plugin. Make sure it is enabled.

In the “Basic Settings” you can enter what “Names”, “Usernames” and “Email addresses” you’d like to be blocked. This prevents anyone using those credentials from registering.


Block email addresses that use more than 2 ‘dots’ in their addresses (a common trait of spam bots). This value is configurable.

Block too many ‘same name’ registrations. Spam bots tend to use the same name over and over. there is now a setting to stop the same name being registered more than the set amount of times.