StopTheHacker Trust Seal

December 24th, 2013

StopTheHacker Trust SealWhy use a trust seal?

Show your visitors that you care about security
Show your hackers that you aren’t a sitting duck waiting them to hack your site anymore
Trust seals have been shown to increase conversions by more than 10%
You will receive affiliate rewards when visitors sign up and pay StopTheHacker for service after clicking certain links in your detailed trust seal security information

Stop The Hacker!

In order to use the module, you first need to set up your StopTheHacker account (link provided in the module interface).
After you set up your account you can add your domains to it. Each domain will have it’s own tab in your profile. You will need to check these tabs, take a look to the URL, which will look like:
The number at the end of the URL, like ‘130389’ in the above example is the SiteID of your domain, that’s one of the parameters you should enter in the module configuration.
The other parameter you should enter is your domain name.