August 30th, 2013

StorePapersStorePapers is focused for a centrally managed in a publication that takes place in a group (intended primarily for researchers who published articles).

This component arises from the need to save, edit and display the publications of a group working efficiently.

StorePapers stored in the database of your site content to show, that author/s have been partakers of the publication and the category in which it covers. The site manager decides where to display the content and write a plugin that interprets the code, the code queries the database and the conditions returns the desired information.

Supported languages include Spanish, English, Italian and french.

Version 1.4
* Generate a front-end component search.
* Implementation of ACL (Access Control List).
* Bug fixed installation.
* New welcome screen after installation.
* Changed the plugin to add classes and labels.
* Added French language component. This version is translated into Spanish, English, Italian and French.

Version 1.3
* Version for Joomla! 2.5.
* Improved user interface and updated.
* There have been no changes to the database.

Version 1.23
* Added the ability to perform multiple queries using the plugin.