Styled maps with Leaflet & MapBox

December 6th, 2013

This module (a plugin will be released very soon) allows you to quickly and easily display beautiful styled maps, tailored to the style of your Joomla! website.

Do you know MapBox* ? This platform is build on the famous Leaflet library, an Open-Source JavaScript Library for Mobile-Friendly Interactive Maps that has all the features needed for online maps and that works efficiently across all major desktop and mobile platforms.

Styled maps with Leaflet & MapBox is very easy to use. Just create your free account on and start to create your map: choose the map type, set your customized colors, define your markers on the map, grab your ID and you are now ready to integrate your new styled map in your Joomla website!


Styled maps Leaflet & MapBox for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x is a module that allows you to display your beautiful maps everywhere on your website : use them to locate your office in a trendy way (in a large map at the bottom of your site for example), to display your stores worldwide and geotag your visitor to view only stores close to him or to announce the dates and locations of your rock band concerts this summer!

With MapBox and its TileMill tool, you can build complex maps by loading data from a wide range of sources : ESRI Shapefile, KML, GeoJSON, GeoTIFF, PostGIS, CSV, and SQLite.

In addition to the powerful features offered by the editor MapxBox cards (see Screenshots), we have developed additional features to enhance the possibilities of use of the MapBox beautiful maps on your website.

So, in the administration panel, you can also :

* Enter your MapBox ID : the map (streets, terrain or satellite view) you’ve created on will be displayed in your Joomla! module.
* Set the width and the height of your map, in pixels or in percentage.
* Manage zoom control display.
* Manage the (optional) legend of your map : define position, HTML custom content with the WYSIWYG editor and style it with CSS.
* Define map paddings to avoid your markers to be hidden by the legend for example.
* Set map zoom or make the choice of a map with a zoom level that automatically fits at best all the displayed markers.
* Styled maps for Joomla! can geolocate your visitor and adapt the map view consequently : map view can be centered on the visitor location. Is the visitor is near from your set of markers ? Map can automatically zoom to display only markers that are in a distance less than a choosen radius from the visitor location.
* Display maps as static images (with custom legend, geolocation and automatic zoom too).
*Styled mapswith Leaflet & MapBox is designed to support flexible layout : map, legend and map padding can be set in percentage too.

Styled maps does not just display MapBox map within a frame (Easy Embed mode). Last version of mapbox.js is linked from MapBox server and the API is used to implement the features offered by our module.