Subsciption Detail PayPlans

November 9th, 2012

Subsciption Detail PayPlansThis app can be used to get some additional details with each subscription, from the customers. For example, if a user wants to add different domains for each subscription, then he/she can mention that details by using subscription details app. That details can also be edited anytime from front-end by user (If app will be configured for this setting) and from back-end subscription-edit screen by admin.

To apply validations and classes on the parameters which you include by using this app, you can refer this document.

Note: This app is compatible with PayPlans 2.1 and higher versions only. It doesn’t support PayPlans 1.x series and PayPlans 2.0. If you are using PayPlans 2.1 stable version, then upgrade this app on your kit and save all the app instances again.