Subscription Manager

October 16th, 2013

Subscription ManagerSubscription Manager is the easiest way for you to provide paid subscription/membership function on your Joomla website. It is working on both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. This extension enables webmaster to control the access permission with different subscription plans and memberships. For example, you may provide pictures downloading service on the website. After you install this extension, you can create a subscription plan so that only people who purchase this subscription plan can access the downloading link.

Main Features:
1. Subscription Plans Management: Webmaster can create new plans, edit old plans, publish or unpublish plans, or delete the plans. For each plan, Webmaster can set the price and subscription duration.
2. Recurring Subscription: Webmaster can easily set the plan as recurring subscription or onetime payment subscription.
3. Trial Subscription: Webmaster can set trial duration and trial price for each subscription.
4. Subscription Member Management.
5. PayPal Transaction Tracking System.
6. Payment Log System
7. Easily Plan Renew and Update
8. Website Access Control with Subscription: Webmaster can set the flag for restricted resource such as articles, images, downloadable resource and categories for each subscription plan. Only people who purchase that subscription can access the premium resources.
9. Automate the processing of selling subscriptions and creating accounts. This extension is using Paypal payment gateway. It will automatically handle the customers payment and membership processing.