October 31st, 2013

SugaryCBSugaryCB allows you to integration Joomla with SugarCRM through the Community Builder extension.
The CB fields can be mapped with SugarCRM fields. When the User is registered, the information are captured from the CB form and saved into SugarCRM Leads/Contacts Table. When the User updates his profile, SugarCRM lead/contact record is automatically updated. When the administrator creates, updates or deletes the User, SugarCRM lead/contact record of the User is created, updated or deleted.

Key Features:
* Map CB fields with SugarCRM Leads,Contacts and Accounts fields.
* Export the existing users before the installation of SugaryCB to SugarCRM Leads or Contacts/Accounts modules.
* Import Leads, Contacts and Accounts fields list and campaign list from SugarCRM.
* Show all CB events and SugarCRM operations
* Execute operations in SugarCRM, depending on specific events or registration scenarios.
When user is registered, updated, approved, confirmed or deleted, the following operations are possible:
– Create record in SugarCRM module
– Update record in SugarCRM module
– Convert Lead to Contact
– Add to Lead or Contact to Campaign
– Delete record in SugarCRM module

By using SugaryCB you can:
* Know and understand your customers better.
* Let your customer give you fresh information about him.
* Help your customer help you collect information about him !