Super Browser Update

December 19th, 2013

Super Browser Update★★★★★ We are proud to announce the release of Super Browser Update for Joomla. This extension was developed after popular requests for a Modern and Fast, Light and Feature rich solution for displaying a message to Visitors using old and outdated Browsers as well as to optionally block certain Browsers from being used.

★As usual, we have taken great care in developing and presenting this Joomla Extention to you. Tested with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.1 . ALso tested with all YOOtheme WARP frameworks as well as other popular template frameworks, like Gantry.

★The Following Options Are Available
Display Browsers

★superbrowserupdate This setting allows you to define what Browsers will be offered to your Site Visitors for Download.
Block Browsers

★This setting will allow you to Block a Browser type, eg, all Firefox, or it can be used for testing the plugin.
IE 8 Block

★You can use this option to show the update notification to IE8 users too. By default, IE 6 and IE 7 will receive the update notification, this is an option available to you as modern Joomla Themes are having lese and less support for IE 8 too.
Disable on Mobiles

★Why load scripts on Mobiles ? This setting will disable the Browser check script from loading on your site for users visting with Mobile Devices, so the sites loads faster for them.
Enable Cookies

★This setting allows you to optionally show the message only once per Browser session, so the Visitor will not see it until their next session starts. Great froma User Experience perspective.
Cookie Expire

★Set a Cookie expire time in milliseconds . This is the time after which the Cookie will expire and the message show again, eg: 500.
Overlay Color

★You can set a color for the background of the Message overlay to suit your website design.
Disable Closing

★You can hide the Message Close button, so the Visitor will not be able to Close the message unless they upgrade or visit the site with a Modern Browser.
Customise Message

★The Messages that displays to the Visitor can be easily changed to suite your needs via the Language Files support, so perfect to display a message that places your Visitor at ease and informs them of the need for the message and for updating.