Super Panel PRO

June 23rd, 2013

Super Panel PRO★ Announcing the release of Super Panel for Joomla. Super Panel will allow you to maximise the limited space you have at your disposal to show important content in the visitors viewport. Super Panel will allow you to display between 1 and 3 Modules in it, like a login module or a Gallery or slideshows.

★ The Panel offers a choice of 3 layouts for the Content you display in a neat and Organised way. You won’t get ugly layouts like we have seen on on other sites .
★ Built in Color picker to change the Panels color to your liking.
★ Super Panel will open on first page load and present its content, thereafter it will open when the Visitor clicks the open and close button.
★ Choose the time the Super Panel stays open when it first opens for your Visitor.
★ It is very fast and light, unobtrusive and feature packed.

Visit the Demo site and have a look at the screenshots below, to see it in action displaying a YOOtheme Gallery Widget and a Login Module. You also have the option to show a Greeting message to the Visitor in the Panel Opener Tab to show or remind the User of their Logged in status, This works independently of the Joomla Login Module. The Panel is very flexible and the button Opener has fluid width.

Super Panel is really very easy to Install and Configure. All you have to do is Download the correct package for your Joomla Version and then Install it using the Joomla Extensions manager. After you have done this successfully you can go to the Joomla Module Manager and then View the Modules simple parameter settings and then enable to your templates absolute , debug or similar position and set the Module Title to Hide.

Tested and Supported in IE8/9 FF, Safari and Chrome.