Super QR Codes for ZOO

March 21st, 2012

Super QR Codes for ZOO★ Announcing our Latest ZOO Element . Super QR Codes for ZOO . QR codes need to introduction so I will get on with describing the the Functions of this Element. This ZOO Element will generate automatically and on the Fly, QR Codes for your ZOO Items.

★ All that is required from you, is to install and then Assign the Element to your ZOO App and App Template Views ( Full and/or Teaser ) . You have the Option of having the Element being assigned Globally to all exisiting Items or you can Enable the Element on a per Item basis.

★ It is also possible to choose between 2 different border styles for the generated QR Codes and you also have the choice of selecting the width and height for the QR codes . How is that for freedom ?