Super Splash

June 14th, 2013

Super Splash★ Announcing the release of Super Splash for Joomla. Super Panel will allow you to highlight content to your sites visitors in 5 super ways. Super Panel will allow you to display between 1 and 3 Modules in it, like a login module or a Gallery or slideshow.

★ You can display your selected module/s as a Splash Page over the whole site, at the top of the site, bottom, left or right side of the site. That’s 5 great ways to maximise your message fro visitors.

The Panel offers a choice of 3 layouts for the Content you display in a neat and Organised way. You won’t get ugly layouts like we have seen on on other sites . There is a choice of using a solid black background or a transparent black background. More background styles will be addedd as per feature requests. Super Panel is based on jQuery scripts and is coded to avoid loading of multiple jQuery scripts on your page. It is very fast and light and feature packed.

Background Color

You can choose a background color for the Splash Panel. Mix up your own color using the Color Picker.
Background Opacity

Set a background Opacity level for the Super Panel, eg: 0.5 , 0.7 etc …
Panel Animation

Select a Panel animation effect for when the panel opens, choose from fade, slide or none.
Panel Opening Speed

Set an opening speed in milliseconds . This is the speed at which the panel opens, eg: 500.
Panel Position

You have 5 options to choose from, top, bottom, left, right and as an overlay on the entire site.
bottom left overlay right top
Panel Width

Set a panel width, top and bottom choices must be set to 100% and left and right choices to auto, overlay choice must be set to 100%.
Panel Height

Set a panel height, top and bottom position choices can be set to auto and left, right and overlay choices can be set to 100%.
Cookie Expire

The panel sets a Cookie to remember if it must display the panel to the current visitor or not. You can set an expire time for the Cookie in days, this means that it will destroy the Cookie after the X days, so that if the visitor returns after X days, the panel will display again. The panel will also display again if the visitor clears their Browser Cookies.
Opening Delay

Set the time to wait before the panel displays for the visitor. The value is in seconds, if you want the visitor to see the panel after 5 seconds, you must enter 5 as a value.
Auto Close Time

Set the time to wait for the panel to automatically close on its own, the value is also in seconds. If you want the visitor to manually close the panel, set a high value here, eg 30 seconds.
Hide After Close

Should you need to make the panel not open again for the Visitor, set this to Yes. The panel will not open again for the visitor, unless they clear their Cookies.
Container Settings

Here is where you select the Joomla Module/s that you want to show in the Panel. If, for example, you created a custom HTML module and set it to virtual module position called hello1