Super Submit for ZOO

June 9th, 2013

Super Submit for ZOO★ Announcing the release of a new ZOO Addon, dubbed, Super Submit for ZOO. Super Submit for ZOO, will easily break up your ZOO Submission view onto manageable stages. Your Clients, Authors, Editors and anyone making submissions on using ZOO will appreciate not having to scroll down long submission forms. They will be able to easily and smoothly move betwen the sections until they are satisfied and then hit the submit button on the last step.

The plugin breaks down your Submission pages sections into Steps and offers smooth pagination from section to section.

The plugin also offers a built in Info Box for you to provide some instruction or guidance to people making submissions on your site.

The Submit button is hidden until the last stage of the submission form is reached.

The plugin makes use of language files for some text, like the info in the Info Box, Previous and Next buttons and for the word Step. A CSS file is included to allow you to make customisations and style the Step section if you need to.

Usage is very straight forward, Install, Enable and add your language files ( if needed ). No other intertaction is required from you.