Swordfish Release Candidate 1

June 23rd, 2011

This is Opera 11.50 “Swordfish” Release Candidate 1.

Opera Next builds

This build can be downloaded as an Opera Next build. This will upgrade your Opera Next installation, or create a new Opera Next installation if one does not exist already.

Release Candidate (standard Opera) builds

If you wish to download the release candidate builds, please use the Release Candidate download links below. We do not recommend that you install it on top of your existing Opera installation at this time.


At this point we are mainly interested in serious bugs or regressions. If a bug is not severe enough to be a potential release blocker, we would appreciate it if you could hold off on commenting on it until after 11.50 final has been released.

Download Opera Next

Download the Swordfish Release Candidate

Note: Installing this over your existing Opera installation is not recommended at this time.