Syncing, simplifying, and speeding up with Chrome’s new beta

August 11th, 2010

In today’s new Google Chrome beta release, we’re introducing a host of new beta features which will further improve Chrome’s ease of use and speed.

One of my favorite features, Autofill, helps you fill in web forms automatically with information that you specify, such as your name, address, phone number, and the credit card number you use for shopping online. Autofill builds up and saves this information for you over time, so that you can fill in long web forms with just a few clicks without typing in the same information over again. For your security, any personal information stored in Chrome is safely stored and kept private until a user chooses to share the information with a website. Additionally, your credit card information is never saved without first asking you explicitly.

We also continue to bring more synchronization capabilities to Chrome. In addition to syncing bookmarks, preferences, and themes, you can now choose to sync your Chrome extensions as well as your Autofill data (excluding credit card numbers) through your Google Account. With Chrome’s sync features, you can personalize your Chrome experience and access your painstakingly curated set of bookmarks, preferences, themes, extensions, and Autofill data from any computer you choose, as long as you’re signed in to your Google Account on Chrome for that computer. To start syncing, go to the the “Sync” section of the “Personal Stuff” tab in Chrome’s options.

You may notice that we’ve given the user interface of the browser a facelift in this beta. As previewed on the developer channel in June, we have streamlined the upper toolbar, made the Omnibox more approachable, and condensed all of our options into a single menu. We hope that these visual changes will make Chrome feel even simpler.

Last, but certainly not least, our new beta release continues to be faster than before. Compared to our previous beta release, our newest beta hits a 15% speed improvement on the V8 benchmark, and a 15% improvement on the SunSpider benchmark, both of which measure JavaScript performance. Additionally, we’ve improved by 64% on Mozilla’s Dromeao DOM Core Tests.

Syncing, simplifying, and speeding up with Chrome’s new betaSyncing, simplifying, and speeding up with Chrome’s new beta

As always, Google Chrome will automatically update itself with the latest changes if you are subscribed to the beta channel. Stable channel users, hang tight — these features and improvements will be available in the stable channel soon once we’ve given it a good test run on beta!

Posted by James Hawkins, Software Engineer