Tab Stacking is here

November 23rd, 2010

Last week we already introduced you to some new features in Opera 11. Today we release Opera 11 beta with a new surprise feature: tab stacking.

How do you like your tabs? Many of us like tabs and lots of them.

We’ve added functionality to enhance your tab experience. Tab stacking allows you to organize your browsing, optimize the space on your tab bar, and keep yet even more tabs handy for use.

Dragging and dropping tabs on top of one another create stacks. Hovering a stack gives a visual overview of what’s inside the stack. Expanding and collapsing stacks allows you to optimize the space on your tab bar any way you like.

So, if you’re already using lots of tabs, you might want to:

  • Stack for looking at later
  • Stack for different tasks
  • Stack for checking out after work
  • Stack for just creating more space for tabs

Whatever you like to do with your tabs, tab stacking should help you organize, identify, and access lots of content directly on the tab bar. Check out the video here. And: Download Opera 11 beta