August 28th, 2011

TabulizerTabulizer is an application that allows you to add tables to your Joomla! articles easily with a consistent feel and look. This is done by letting Tabulizer to convert plain text to CSS styled HTML tables. This could be a huge time saver, especially if you are working a lot with the same type of tables, or if you want to copy table data from other documents, like MS Word and Excel.

You can define your own styles, or use one of the many predefined styles that come with the installation. In any case, you can create your own intelligent styling rules that will format your tables according to your specific needs. For instance, you can define a styling rule that says “I want the first row to have an orange background with bold white letters” or “I want every cell with value less than zero to have a yellow background”. Once the styling rules are defined, you can apply them to the creation of any new table just with a single click.

The Tabulizer application consists of three Joomla extensions, namely:
* The Tabulizer Editor Plugin: This is the main plugin that adds a conversion button to the Joomla editor, allowing you to convert input text to HTML table (required).
* The Tabulizer System Plugin: This plugin includes all required CSS files for the proper styling of the produced HTML tables (optional).
* The Tabulizer component: This component enables you to browse easily the existing styling rules and to create new ones (optional).