Tag Transform

November 25th, 2013

Tag TransformTag transform is a unique extension to display your Joomla native tags in a nice way. Since Joomla 3.1, the tagging system enhance the content management in Joomla. All your articles can have tags and then create a semantic link with all tagged content.

But how about automatically adding your tag in a module and display tags in various way? Tag transform module allows you to display your tag as a menu, drop down accordion because tags got level in Joomla, drop down list, flat view and 3D view. Everything is coming with nice designed themes inside and a lot of custom display options.

Create your tags, configure the Tag Transform module and display tags the way you want.

Main advantages:

– Display as menu with 3 styles
– Reflect the tag levels in menu
– Display the tag total number
– Display as a module
– Flat view with only CSS (light)
– Dropdown list selection
– Limit the number of tags
– Display as 3D cloud
– Easy parameters
– Respect the Joomla native tag system
– K2 tag compatible
– Stackideas Easy blog tag compatible