December 18th, 2013

Tawea enables sites to integrate Facebook Chat.

Add Tawea to your site and a bar similar to Facebook chat will appear at the bottom right. Log in with your Facebook account and start chatting.

Tawea is free to install, free to use.

= Features =
* Facebook integrated.
* Free.
* Simple UX.
* Built-in social toolbar.
* All desktop browsers compatible.
* Drag&Drop share anything.

= Benefits for the webmaster =
* Know which page the visitors are reading
* Provide online live chat support from your website
* No additional hardware or software to install
* One click installation

= Compatible with: =
* Google Chrome
* Mozilla Firefox
* Opera Next
* Safari
* Internet Explorer

This plugin uses the gateway created by Tawea to connect to Facebook chat. Users send messages via Tawea server.