Tax Calculator

April 28th, 2013

Tax CalculatorTax Calculator is a necessary and useful tool for tax Accountants, Accounting Services, Tax Information Portals… etc.
The calculation takes into account all the detailed instructions of Article 16 of the Income Tax Code, as amended by Law 3986/2011 for the determination of income based on factual costs and services.


Automatic Calculation of evidence.
Support categorizing costs such Personal Information, Houses, Vehicles, Boats, Pools and more.
Calculate the annual cost objective, based on the square meters of owner-occupied or rented or free licensed primary residence.
Calculations annual objective cost, estimated by the square meter.
Calculations annual objective cost passenger car use.
Calculations annual objective cost paid for private schools.
Calculations annual objective cost paid for domestic workers, motorists, teachers and other staff.
Calculate the annual objective cost based Private yachts.
Calculate the annual objective cost, external or internal tanks, swimming pools.
Calculate the annual minimum objective cost.
Calculates the income based on all categories of expenditure in accordance with Article 16 of the Income Tax Code, as amended by Law 3986/2011.
Shows all the categories of criteria and allows easy navigation between them.
Directs functionally the user to the correct completion of the required data.
Allows easy addition and removal costs.
Displays detailed results with explanations for each expense.
Advanced customizable, configurable properties.
Internationalization, Multi Language Support (English & Greek Language ini files).
This is evolving extension, we frequently add new functionality per customer requests.
Fast and reliable support.
Help Documentation.