TechGasp Blank for Jomsocial

July 20th, 2013

Wow.. take a look at this must have chameleon jomsocial plugin!! only your imagination will hold you back. Ever wanted to add something to your jomsocial template that integrates perfectly in the Main Content, Sidebar Top or Bottom but never found the right plugin for the job? Now you have it, this clean, fast loading plugin is able to publish anything you want, text, pictures, html, php, javascript, etc. like a chameleon. Blank Plugin for Jomsocial gives your website fast page load times and zero conflicts.

Blank plugin… better yet, chameleon for jomsocial…

Jomsocial 2.6.x – 2.8.x Ready!!
making your wishes come true…
displays html, php, text and javascript
automatically cleans and the renders code
Minimal error free code = fast page load times. We have achieved perfection with only 6 lines of code.
Packed with Frontend User Override V2 for Jomsocial, Check our website
Core Application: Yes / No
Position: Main content, Sidebar Top, Sidebar Bottom
Caching: Yes / No