Template Picker

January 14th, 2012

Template PickerModule name mod_sstemplatepicker

Designed and Developed By – SOHUM SOLUTIONS Group of COmpanies

Release Date – 6th-Dec-2011

Copyright 2011 Sohum Solutions Group

License – Available for distribution under – GNU/GPL

Email –

Website –

Version – 1.0.0

Supported Joomla Version – 1.5.X

Description – Sohum Solutions – Template / Web Design Picker

This module is developed to let your visitors see website based and supported by multiple Joomla Templates.

It can be used on any website which wants to provide multiple look and feel of the same website content.

Installation –

1. Install com_ssassigncategory
2. Install com_sstempcatmgr
3. Install mod_sstemplatepicker

This make this module work you must install com_sstempcatmgr and com_assigncategory comes packed with this installation package and then install mod_sstemplatepicker and publish it.

Configuration –

1. You can add/delete/modify categories using

2. You can assign category to templates using

Working –

1. Publish the module.
2. Visit your website frontend
3. Select the category
4. Select the template
5. Click on Preview to apply the template
6. To come back to default template – Use default button – This will apply the default template configuered in Template Manager.