The LanternFish

December 9th, 2013

The LanternFishThe LanternFish is a fresh, but mature translation manager for Joomla!. It enhances Joomla multilingual capabilities with new features to give you the easiest and the most useful way to manage your site translations at one single place.

Webuilder/administrator feature
* Joomfish migrator – plugin for JupgradePro to migrate JoomFish translations from Joomla 1.5. to 2.5./3.x

Translators features:
* Manage translations for any content in a single interface that shows an original and a translation at the same time
* Only translate fields that need translation and automatically reuse those that don’t (e.g. images or links)
* Speed up translations by using Google translate (requires very cheap APi key purchase)
* Optionally translate and associate (translation with original) core items directly from the item interface (inline translations)
* Supports all core extensions and large number of 3rd party extensions (using Joomfish content elements)

End user features
Instant switching between languages that takes you directly to the same page in a different language
When translation does not exist, original item is shown. A plugin to remove untranslated items will be available soon.

LanterFish is a fork of Joomfish 2.5. that was substantially bugfixed and re-written to work with Joomla 3 (while maintaining j2.5. compatibility).