The redesign gets a boost

July 21st, 2010

At the Drupal Association retreat in San Francisco, the general assembly set the completion of the redesign as its number one priority for 2010. The assembly agreed to fund five contracts to help eliminate obstacles that had prevented the community from completing the redesign.

Five key roles were identified: Architect, Solr developer, Project module developer, and an infrastructure developer. The association also elected to upgrade code repository from CVS to Git to help maintain as the hub of Drupal development.

Hiring process:

Job descriptions were developed in conjunction with both the redesign volunteers and the project managers, Kieran Lal, Chris Strahl, and Lisa Rex. The job descriptions were then posted to for 3 weeks. Approximately 35 applications were received and a dozen interviews were conducted by the project management team. The contracts were negotiated with Drupal Association Interim General Manager Jacob Redding, to whom the project team reports directly. Contractors work day-to-day with the project management team. The association will pay for the contract work using the funds raised through memberships, advertising, partnerships, affiliates, and DrupalCon sponsorships.

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