Thickbox+ for Joomla

May 17th, 2013

J!1.5/1.6/2.5-native multi-plugin to display modal windows for any type of content, like:

* inline content,
* images,
* web pages,
* image galleries or
* web galleries (aka web tours).

Uses Joomla’s native motools lib, pimped with smoothbox and slimbox.

For details on usage and demos see demo page.

v.3.2: Bugfixes (charset issues)
v.3.1: Bugfixes, slimbox updated for mootools 1.3+ compatibility
v.3.0: native J!1.6.x-version
v.2.0: Gallery from images folder enabled, thumbnail creation enabled
v.1.3: Opera issue fixed, caption for iframed contents and inline contents
v.1.1: XHTML-validity issue fixed.