Tired of 12.10 already?

November 7th, 2012

What's better than 12.10? Why, 12.11 of course!

Higher is always better, and we thought we'd work on inflating our version number a bit. That seems to be popular these days (and I'm sure we'll catch up soon enough at this rate).

So we decided to gather up a bunch of fixes that didn't quite make it into 12.10, and publish them now for testing.



  • CORE-49150 Crash in JS garbage collection related to extension toolbar icons on OS X
  • REVERTED: CORE-37471 Zooming problem with Ctrl + scroll
  • DSK-376627 Jumpy visual tab thumbnail animation on OS X
  • DSK-325349 "Activate next tab" fails under certain conditions
  • DSK-344692 Drag and drop installation of extension goes through SD installation with "Add Speed Dial" dialog open
  • DSK-345125 Going back after changing zoom level should change the zoom level back as well
  • DSK-376214 Crash on session files without zoom list
  • DSK-376216 [*nix] Must detach session manager connection before closing it