TK Contact

January 11th, 2013

Fight contact form spam with TK Comment! TK Comment utilizes jQuery sliders to enable and to send site contact form. The sliding of the forms introduces a human interaction which can’t be performed by most bots. In the event that a bot makes it through or human spammer uses the contact form, the contact email contains the IP address of the submitter so admins may ban their IP.

At the heart of TK Comment is the jQuery plugin “Slide Submit” by Jason Lau. Joomla integration by TK Server by permission.


• Slider #1 enables form. Form is disabled by default, leaving no fields for bots to attempt to populate. This is better than captcha forms because it reduces server load and DNS attacks.

• Slider #2 sends form.

• Form submissions are sent with html format to admin configurable email address which does not have to be a Joomla user.

• Form fields (header, subheader, field labels, slider labels) are all customizable via the extension options.

• Joomla 2.5.x compatible.


Use the Joomla extension installer to install TK Contact.


Via the TK Contact menu in the Joomla administration panel, settings such as field values, email-to address and more are configured.

Support Forum

Visit the TK Contact for Joomla 2.5.x support forum to ask questions or troubleshoot.

Known Issues

TK Contact utilizes jQuery. We have attempted to reduce conflicts by using jQuery noconflict, however there is a possibility that a Javascript conflict may occur. If TK Contact does not funtion properly, disable other extensions/plugins and test.

There is a known conflict between Jomsocial’s latest photos module and TK Contact. Those two extensions will not function properly together.