Top of the Page

September 27th, 2013

Top of the PageSEF MooTools AND jQuery native floating “Return to Top” link. Cache safe, 6 position options, smooth scroll, scroll transitions, appearance criteria and more. Works in all major browsers, IOS and Android! This is the most advanced top-button plugin available for Joomla!

“Return to Top” links do nothing for SEO and can even detract from it, and they can clutter your page. When you have a very long page, how do you decide where to put them? Do you need more than one?

Top of the Page removes these concerns by creating a “Return to Top” link when the page has been scrolled by a certain (administrator) designated distance. When the page is scrolled back to the top (above the designated distance), the link disappears. If your page is short and users can’t scroll down the designated distance, the link will never be visible and cannot cause disruption.

Your button can be text or images – the style is set by CSS in the plugin configuration, so you’re not limited to any included images. The text is set using standard Joomla translation files, and can be overridden using the Joomla Language Manager in your /administrator interface.

Your site isn’t about “Return to Top” or “Back to Top”, so why confuse your SEO by creating links? There is no need to put links to named anchors in your content which can negatively effect SEO. “Top of the Page” links are automatically created by this plugin and float in the designated position regardless of your position on the page. The administrator also has the option to enable Smooth Scroll, along with scroll speed, CSS options and more! And, it’s invisible to search engines!

You’ve seen a similar implementation here in the JED (look in the lower right corner), but the JED uses a JQuery implementation while “Top of the Page” is configurable to use either MooTools or jQuery so you can load the correct Javascript framework and keep your pages loading fast! The only difference between configurations in jQuery or MooTools is that each framework has 1 transition that the other does not. MooTools has “Pow” and jQuery has “swing”. All other options are available in each framework configuration.

In MooTools mode, this plugin implements ScrollSpy and SmoothScroll, both by David Walsh ( ).

Version 1.24 – Performance enhancements, slide-in/out option for the button, fade and slide in/out – (can control the speed and direction of the slide). Clean-up/separate configurations.
Version 1.25 – I found a method to provide automatic z-index! Also, added detailed instruction tab/slider for overriding the button language.
Version 1.26 – even better z-index automation, fixed mootools bug.

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