January 11th, 2012

Start your own taskrabbit like site within a day’s time through our taskrabbit clone extension in Joomla. Be the first in your area or location to start your business for “posting tasks” and getting it done similar to taskrabbit. Get the best taskrabbit clone in the market which is easy to install and simple to use. We provide FREE post sales support for 180 days.

1.1.Task Poster Features
=> One stop spot for users to find a helper who is willing to run their errands and complete task for them.
=> Allows anybody to login and post task for payable amount
=> Facebook connect option
=> Authorize card while posting tasks and payments are made after the task is complete.
=> Allows users to sign up and become runners for task rabbit users.
=> Task Rabbit performs background checks so users can hire with confidence.
=> Posters can post a task by categories. These include Courier, Groceries, Laundry, Cleaning, Tutor, and More.
=> Posters can post a task by cities
=> Allows user to edit or cancel any Task that’s still in the Open state, which means it hasn’t been assigned to a Task Rabbit Extensions. If a Task Rabbit is already assigned, you can’t edit or cancel it.
=> Complete control for The Task Poster to decide on the amount payable to have a Task complete
=> Direct Hire Rabbits
=> Reviews
=> Notification

1.2.Task Rabbits Features
=> Can bid new tasks
=> View assigned tasks
=> Get the amount using send withdraw request (pay-pal)
=> Can update Reimbursement charge
=> Reviews
=> Notification

1.3.Admin Features
=> Manage user details and task rabbit details
=> Manage job details and report details
=> Get some percentage(defined and variable) of amount for => each completed tasks
=> Minimum credit level for task rabbit payment
=> Manage Reviews
=> Manage Notification