November 1st, 2013

TracktimeTracktime is a tool for freelance developers.
Manage your customers and your projects efficiently.
Keep track of every change made, so that you can submit reports and justify the costs.
Thanks to the built-in timer, you’ll never forget to write down an activity!

Working as a freelancer is not easy, even if it leads to a lot of satisfaction, TrackTime tries to make life easier for developers:

★ Document manager
Have you got some docs related to the project?
Customer docs, PSD, paper sketches?

Attach them to the project, so you’ll never loose them.

★ Access detail manager
Can’t you remember the access details for every customer?
Domain, FTP url, FTP username, FTP password, Joomla admin user and password and so on?

Save them! (Dont’ worry they’re encrypted)
By the way, do you need more fields? Don’t worry, you can customize them.

★ Built-in timer
Do you want to exactly know how much time did you spend on a project?
Is this customer asking so much changes that this work is turning un-profitable?

Use the built-in timer!

Moreover you can have a visual aid on projects deadline and manage customer “hour credit”.