Tree of Categories for Sobipro

October 24th, 2013

Tree of Categories for Sobipro“The module provides specific category links in a Tree Widget, based on jsTree”

Tree of Categories is a module to show a simple Tree in your site.

You only have to specify the Section, and it shows the next levels of categories.

In a nutshell

* Multi-level list of categories widget
* Direct links to specific categories, to improve the site navigation
* Specify the Section, and it shows the N-Levels of categories
* Support for Category Statistics
* Based on jsTree

*** Statistics ***

It includes features to provide section global stats, for each category.

-These are the module parameters:

Tree Colapsed – Start the tree in a colapsed state.
Tree Persist – How the tree is persisting the status: cookie, Url localtion, or none.

Section – Section to show the next level of categories.
Menu – Menu (Itemid) to force an Itemid in the URLs.
Count – The number of items to display (default is 100).
Order – Alphabetically / Id / Counter Desc
Show Counter – No / Hits / Entries
Category List Mode – N-Levels.
Hide Empty Categories – Yes / No.

JQuery Lib – Add JQuery Library to the page. No, for SobiPro Pages.

— Updates in 5.0.4 – Stable – 8th October 2013

* Usability review & improvements, new menu/toolbar
* Fix: SPBrowers SPCookie loader
* Support for Joomla 3.2 Alpha2
* Support for Framework on Framework RAD revC1A6D5A-1378494129 – 2013-09-06

*** Updates in 5.0.0

Full code review, re-organization for Joomla 3 and SobiPro v1.1.

*** Updates in 1.4.1 ***

Minor Fix: Column ‘oType’ in where clause is ambiguous

*** Updates in 1.4.0 ***

Feature: Order support in multi-mode / language

*** UPDATE v1.3.1 ***

Minor Fix: Notices removal

*** UPDATE v1.3.0 ***

Feature: Improved backend options

*** UPDATE v1.2.0 ***

Feature: Order by Position
Feature: Order by Random

*** UPDATE v1.1.0 ***

– BIG Feature: N-Levels
– Feature: Multilanguage Support
– Joomla Coding Standard compliant, and JSLint Ok