December 17th, 2013

TrombinoscopeTrombisnoscope is a module that shows a list of contacts in a one-column fashion. It is NOT a contact form replacement.


– show contacts from categories, show a specific contact, related contacts or the contact info of the logged user,
– select sub-categories automatically,
– set the maximum number of contacts to show (if nothing specified, it will show all contacts),
– show only the published contacts,
– set the alignment in which the picture is shown (possible to alternate left and right),
– the images do not ‘bleed’ out of the column (automatic size restriction),
– set the order of the contacts (ascending or descending order with names formatted as one or 2 words, which is great for contacts with firstname/lastname),
– set the view format of the name,
– show a default picture if contact pictures are missing. If not set, will use the default fallback styling for contacts with no picture (default picture size is 100px X 120px),
– show up to 5 fields from the contacts,
– show extra fields like a formatted address,
– set the contact link label to access the contact page. If no label is specified, will use the name as the link,
– open the contact in a standard page or a popup (no form allowed in popup),
– several options to format the information (empty fields, spaces when information is missing),
– fully css customizable.

Buy the enhanced version ‘Trombinoscope Extended’ for much more functionality!