True Typography

May 26th, 2013

True TypographyNow with custom fonts support (Cufón) the True Typography is the one and only Joomla! CMS plug-in that indeed improves the quality of texts formatting providing automatic typography functionality. True Typography is a step to rebirth of good old typography traditions that always existed in printing but are undeservedly neglected on the web.

What does it actually do? True Typography isn’t focused on inserting some weird fonts nor it is limited to the “smart quotes” thing and other simple tricks. It’s a full-featured automatic typography script that includes the following:

o Custom fonts (Cufón) with easy and clear man­age­ment (more than 30 pre-​installed fonts)
o Auto­mated hyphen­a­tion*
o Smart repla­cing of text char­ac­ters with their respect­ive HTML entit­ies: quotes* (“text sample”, „text­beis­piel”, «пример текста»), dashes (-, –, —), ellipses (…), copy­right © and trade­mark ™ sym­bols, and many others
o Hand­ling of suf­fixes, frac­tions and math expres­sions (51÷3×25=425)
o Dia­crit­ics for Eng­lish words (“ångström”)
o CSS styles for lead­ing quotes, acronyms, num­bers, guillemets
o Spa­cing con­trol: glu­ing val­ues to their units, widow pro­tec­tion, forced wrap­ping of too long URLs and email addresses
o Addi­tional options (dis­abled by default):
– Open­ing all external links in new win­dows (without using the “tar­get” tag that is not XHTML valid)
– Repla­cing cus­tom pat­terns (only text con­tent is parsed, tags are left untouched).

* Mul­tiple lan­guages are respected

And remember that details make things perfect! ;o)