July 29th, 2013

TsGrabberTsGrabber – unique, powerful, multi-function grabber RSS feeds.

Extension consists of a component and plugin. The component is used to configure the grab articles from a variety of tapes. Plugin performs a technical function processing RSS documents.


Each feed has its own name, address RSS document. News will be added to this menu item, and category. There are other options for convenience. It can be updated manually, delete news for a certain period of time, remove the feed or all (feed by categories and sub-menu).


The update can be installed in a given time interval, indicating it in minutes, or each time the page is loaded. You can reset the timer, which counts down the time until the next update. Block (stop) of the extension.


RSS feeds processing is performed in parallel streams, which in itself is a unique and the best solution to the huge load on the server. When processing a large number of feeds in other extensions site for a long time processing data.


July 2013
Problem: In some versions of PHP data have not been updated and the script (including the entire website) hung. The problem has been found in the function in the file curl_multi_select plugin tsgrabber.php (class plgSystemTsgrabber), which in some cases return incorrect data.

Solution: Version 1.2.0 fixes the problem. Bagh is registered under the number #63411, the PHP team is participating in the discussion.