March 22nd, 2013

TubeGalleryTubeGallery – an amazing video gallery for Joomla.

TubeGallery by MediaEasier is a Ajax jQuery based Video Gallery Plugin that enables you to embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo directly into Joomla as articles or galleries.

TubeGallery was designed to be very simple to use, it turns any article into Video Article or Video Gallery which can then be shared through the menu as single page.

Videos are arranged using our advance filtering system for different categories, all housed within a intelligent dynamic fluid grid that allows the videos to be filtered, ordered, reorder, hidden and revealed with a slick animations and transforms.

Supported modes

* Video Article
* Recent Videos Page
* Video Gallery


* Probably the most powerful ever made video gallery for Joomla
* Developed as Joomla plugin.
* No core Joomla code altered or hacked in any way
* Nice and smooth animations
* Cool gallery filtering and sorting, floating video player.
* Recent videos page with embed video player
* Should work fine with most Joomla templates.
* Back-end is integrated into article manager to support video blogging
* Super simple creation and management of galleries
* Supports unlimited amount of galleries!!
* Dark and light themes available
* Light theme supports any Joomla template with light background.
* Dark theme supports any Joomla template with dark background.
* No colour conflicts, always adapted into template colour theme

* Requires at least Joomla 2.5