Tunny Release Candidate

December 2nd, 2011

This is the first Opera 11.60 (Tunny) Release Candidate.

A Release Candidate could potentially be released as the final version if there are no issues that are serious enough to block the release. If there are any issues that are not critical, please wait for the next Wahoo (Opera 12) snapshot, and discuss it there instead.

Windows users will notice that we have removed the native skin. Rather than having to maintain two separate skins, we're putting more effort into improving the standard skin. If you would like to discuss this change, please create a thread in the forum, or post in an existing thread if one already exists.


Please try to keep comments relevant, as we need to focus on critical issues that could potentially block the release. Requests, minor bugs like visual glitches, bugs that are not regressions, etc. should be posted on the next Opera 12 (Wahoo) snapshot.